Land your kayak with water, take the sails out of your kitesurf or walk on the beach of Petite-Rivière and you will be dazzled by the immensity of the river. Go back and you will be able to observe as a bonus the wall of mountains which stands in front of you. You will have chills guaranteed by inhaling the sea air or by contemplating this majestic decoration. Take care, however, because the weather here takes another dimension and you could forget it and make you understand by the tide!


The beach which is near the dock, offers the opportunity for sun lovers and small families to come to relax on the banks of the river. In the summer season, a snack allows you to satisfy your craving. A playground for children, a fountain to cool off, all in a seaside setting. In addition, our beach also offers natural access for kayakers and kite surfers.



The shores of the St. Lawrence River is known for sea kayaking, Petite-Rivière-St-François is an excellent site to embark and enjoy. Access to the beach via Quai Street, free parking, snack bar and rest area. Welcome kayakers!


The St. Lawrence Estuary is waiting for you, with its salt and cold waters. You can catch eel, sea trout, plaice, thorny skate, smelt and striped bass. As for freshwater species, the Rivière du Gouffre, which rises at an altitude of 823 meters at Lac des Cœurs in the Grands-Jardins National Park, offers you in spring more than 100 salmon pits, one of which Sixty are equipped. Learn about permits and quotas.


Our village is surrounded by montane forests and bordered by the St. Lawrence River and a spartine marsh area. These marshes are an ideal habitat for a variety of bird species and aquatic life. You can see aquatic birds (ducks, geese, grebes, gulls) and shorebirds (sandpipers, plovers, etc.). Our forests offer you the opportunity to see Woodpeckers, diurnal raptors including some pairs of bald eagles, partridges and small birds. Do not forget your binoculars! For more information on the spartine marshes and their ecosystems, click here.